Rapid Ruby

Slow drying nail varnishes are simply not my cup of tea! And for that reason, more often than not, OPI Nail Envy is the only thing I have on my nails because it’s clear (so no smudging) and it dries within seconds. But that’s rather boring, isn’t it? So I had a look through my nail varnish collection, and out of hundreds, I found a mere 2 varnishes that dry pretty quickly – Nails Inc in Piccadilly Circus and Rimmel 60 Seconds in Green with Envy. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with either of them, but I fancied a bit of red on my nails, so I popped into Boots and grabbed the Rimmel 60 Seconds in #320 Rapid Ruby.

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Rapid Ruby

Rimmel 60 Seconds in #320 Rapid Ruby
boots.com, £3.69

Rapid Ruby is true to its name; it’s a deep and rich ruby-red colour, which glides with ease on the nails and dries super fast! I can get away with 1 coat if I’m in a hurry, but if I have half an hour to spare, 2 coats are ideal to make my nails look opaque and really glossy. This seriously dries in a flash! It’s dry to touch within 60 seconds and fully dry in 5 minutes!

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Rapid Ruby

The only thing I don’t like about this polish is the brush; I hate wider brushes, like the Essie diffusion brushes because I have such narrow nails and they make it impossible to apply nail varnish without smudging it onto my fingers. Apart from that, this is a Class A nail varnish, that if I could, I would get one in each colour. In fact, I’m seriously considering getting rid of all of my nail varnishes and only having Nails Inc and Rimmel 60 Seconds polishes in my collection. After all, I just don’t use anything that takes ages to dry, so why keep them?! I’ll get back to you on that :)

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Rapid Ruby

What do you think of the Rimmel 60 Seconds in #320 Rapid Ruby? Have you tried any nail varnishes from this line? Do you also hate waiting for nail varnishes to dry?


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