My Favourite Autumn Nail Varnish


Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus Mini Polish, £5

When I’m getting ready to go somewhere, on a scale of importance I rank my hair first, my face second, my nails last. That means if I only have enough time to do one of these three before I go out, my nails are unfortunately the least important to me and my hair is the most important.

Even when I’m not constrained by time, most of the times I don’t wear any nail varnish because I’m lazy and I really can’t be bothered to faff around waiting for the nail varnish dry. But when I can be bothered, I tend to stick to the most neutral nail varnishes because they chip more inconspicuously than darker shades.


Nevertheless, I do have a couple of vampy nail varnishes that I like wearing when the weather gets colder; my favourite one has had its crown for over two years and it has already been featured on last year’s Autumn Beauty Picks. It’s the Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus Nail Polish, a beautiful deep red shade with a hint of pink (the camera is not doing it justice!); It came with a magazine as a freebie, but you can still buy it from Nails Inc. You can buy the normal full size or the super cute mini polish, which is the one I have.

The formula of this nail varnish is the best I’ve tried; it’s glossy, thick, and it dries in 5 minutes – I’m not joking, this stuff dries really fast! And with the one coat, it’s completely opaque on my nails. ‘Piccadilly Circus’ is my perfect shade for Autumn; I think the hint of pink is what makes this nail varnish really flattering on my skin tone, because it ‘brightens’ up my hands, whilst still being a dark nail polish, if that makes any sense at all.


I feel very sophisticated when I wear it! I like to day-dream I’d wear this to go to a soirée at the Hamptons with Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson (I think I’ve been watching ‘Revenge’ way too much!). Unfortunately, I’m currently wrapped up in a warm blanket on my sofa, with a cup of tea, watching old episodes of Pretty Little Liars; how glamorous is my life? :)

Now the fact that I ranked my hair before my face, in order of ‘getting ready’ importance, is really quite weird, but it’s true. I’d rather go out with no makeup on than face the world with wet or greasy hair. What about you? Would you rather leave the house with your hair or your face done, if you only had time to do one? Tell me I’m not alone in choosing hair first!

What are you favourite nail varnishes for Autumn? Have you tried Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus before?



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