My Medium Length Hairstyle 2013/2


A couple of days ago the iPhone 5 got a makeover; Apple announced the iPhone 5C (a cheaper, plastic version of the iPhone 5) and the iPhone 5S (a fancier, snazzier and more sophisticated version of the iPhone 5, with a fingerprint scanner and all!). Well yesterday, my hair got a mighty makeover as well, hence why I’m calling this the Ysis version 2.7S! Much like the iPhone 5S, I feel fancier, snazzier and a more sophisticated version of myself.


Yes, I had a whopping 10 inches cut off my hair. O…M…G…! I’ve wanted my hair much shorter for a really long time, but I wasn’t prepared to do anything before my wedding. Besides, every time I convinced myself I was going to do it, the fear of not having my ‘safety blanket’ made me chicken out and give up.


So a couple of days ago, I had a sudden moment of decisiveness, texted my hairdresser Ivan, and booked an appointment for the very next day. Off I trotted to London yesterday, freaking out about having to say goodbye to most of my hair (yes, I was really attached to it), but super excited about the idea of having a fresh, new and trendy look to start married life with a bang!


Ivan was an absolute babe; he let me take my time, I showed him lots of pictures of what I wanted before, and then when I was ready he chopped it all off. I can honestly say I only did it because I trust him so much; I knew I was in good hands and, once again he did not disappoint me!


So let me tell you a bit more about the actual haircut. It’s just under my shoulders, with a medium length side fringe. He put in some very subtle layers, just to increase the volume, but overall it’s pretty much all one length. I think this hairstyle makes me look younger (in a good way!), but at the same time, it adds a bit of trendy sophistication. What do you think?


The first thing I did when I woke up today was style my hair; that’s a bit of a clue on how excited I am about my new hair! I love styling it with loose curls; I think it really suits this hairstyle. I did find it a bit tricky to style my new hair at first, and I had to completely change my styling techniques to adapt to the new length. I can do I video on how I curl my shorter hair, if you guys want to see that! :) Feel free to ask me any questions, and you can contact Ivan through his facebook page (HERE).

Don’t forget to check out the video below, where I, very excitedly, introduce you guys to my new hair! :)


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