Video: What’s On My iPhone 5

Video: What's On My iPhone 5 TAG

I’m a total Apple-addict; I can’t spend more than a minute without my iPhone, Macbook or iPad. So, since my iPhone is a big part of my life, today I’m giving you a little peek into my favourite apps!

Bare in mind that I download a lot of apps; some I don’t use as often, but I like to keep them on my iPhone, just in case. I keep the apps I use more than once a day on the first two pages, and from then onwards, I split each page into a category; my favourite page is the ‘Games’ page :) 

Video: What's On My iPhone 5 TAG

I hope you guys found some cool apps to download after watching this video! Definitely let me know your favourite apps, and leave a link below to your own ‘What’s on my iPhone’ videos or blog posts!

Au revoir!



– Dictionary:
– Fast Balance:
– Instagram:
– Viber:
– Bloglovin:
– Sleep Cycle:
– Shazam:
– Sky+:
– App Gratis: no longer available
– TubeBox:
– Couple:
– PicFX:
– Candy Crush:
– Clash of Clans:
– Battle Monkeys:
– Number Addict 2:
– Word To Word:
– Temple Run:
– Akinator:
– Pinterest:
– Keek:
– Beautylish:
– TuneIn Radio:
– Quick Scan:
– TV Show Tracker:


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