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Static App by Pandabox Track Blog Stats on iPhone

Static App: Social Media Stats 

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Let me start by saying that I blog because I’m extremely passionate about it and numbers are definitely not the most important thing about blogging, in my opinion. However, we all know that keeping track of your blog’s online presence and traffic is crucial to the success of a blog; if you take your blog quite seriously you don’t want to waste your time creating content that no one wants to see. So, keeping an eye on your stats helps you understand your readers and get a feel of how you’re doing, which blog posts and videos are being received well and whether or not you’re gaining or losing followers on a daily basis.

Static App by Pandabox Track Blog Stats on iPhone

Most of us bloggers already have apps to keep us up to date with our social media, but last week I found a new app which has saved me a lot of time and helped me stay on top of my blog’s growth on-the-go, real-time. Static is an iPhone app designed to track your social media stats, all in one place and most importantly, real-time. The app has a very clean and easy to use interface, which allows you to see at a glance your most important stats from several social medias. You can have access to your stats from Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, YouTube and even Google Analytics, which to me, was the USP (unique selling point) of this app.

Static App by Pandabox Track Blog Stats on iPhone

The app has a free version with adverts, but for £1.49 you can download the ad-free version. I use it several times a day, but especially after I publish a new blog post or video, to check how that new content is being received by my readers. The addition of Google Analytics Pageviews and Visitors stats is extremely handy because there isn’t a dedicated iPhone app for Analytics, so with Static I can check my blog traffic pretty much every few seconds, straight from my iPhone.

Static App by Pandabox Track Blog Stats on iPhone

If you’re a blogger, YouTuber or if social media presence is important to you, I highly recommend downloading Static on your iPhone! The app has a lot of cool features and I hope more services are added to the already growing list. You can download the app here, or go to the App Store on your iPhone and type ‘Static Social Media Stats’.

Is blogging on-the-go important to you? What are your favourite blogging apps?

*This is not a sponsored post. I’m just sharing some helful tips with my fellow bloggers! :)

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