Glasses For Small Faces

Glasses for Small Faces

My style has always been classic, a bit subdued and quite ‘safe’, partly because I want the words ‘no regrets’ to come to mind when I’m showing photos of my young self to my grandchildren, and partly because I think simplicity is extremely attractive and incredibly underestimated nowadays. I’ve always struggled buying prescription glasses to suit my tiny face and my style; it seems there aren’t many classic specs around to choose from if you have a small face like me.

Choosing the right pair of glasses depends on your face size and shape, you personal taste and your lifestyle; let’s face it, there’s no point in buying rimless glasses if you’re a little bit clumsy and you don’t tend to keep you glasses in their case – they just won’t last! I currently have a pretty non-chaotic lifestyle (also known as a ‘granny’ life), and I have a small oval face; the biggest challenge with small faces is the lack of options – you’re either stuck to the rather colourful children’s specs (which at the age of 27 would look a bit ridiculous on me) or you go big with the ‘oversized’ glasses that have made a huge comeback this year (though I lack the ‘coolness’ factor to pull them off!).

I managed to find 2 pairs from Specsavers that suited my style and face quite well, and Specsavers is currently running a 2 for 1 offer, so you can get 2 glasses for the price of 1! After trying lots of shapes an sizes, I settled on a rectangular pair and an oval pair.

Glasses for Small Faces Glasses for Small Faces


The first ones are called LAKEISHA by Specsavers; this pair has a black oval frame with flexible hinges and gold detailing around the hinges. The nose bridge is extremely comfortable and I think these specs are the perfect size for small faces, even though they are full-framed; I wouldn’t go for anything bigger than this on my face. They are my ‘I’m so cool, I go to Starbucks to work on my laptop and I drink 10 cups of coffee in 2 hours’ kind of glasses; I feel like a clever and witty New York journalist when I wear them!

Glasses for Small Faces Glasses for Small Faces


My second pair is called TAMARA, and it’s also by Specsavers. These are rectangular semi-rimless glasses, with pink cutout metal arms. These are also very comfortable and a bit more discrete than my previous pair, which makes them more suitable for evening wear with a smart outfit. Ideally, I would have gone for black, silver or gold arms, but these were the most inconspicuous glasses available that suited my face, and the girly-girl inside me loves that they have a bit of pink to them!

I’m really happy with both glasses and I like that I was able to get 2 completely different styles to suit both day and evening wear. My eyes don’t get on very well with contact lenses, so I do have to carry my glasses around with me when I go out. I can still see without glasses, but I’m shortsighted so I can’t read very well without them. I don’t think I’ll be getting new glasses for a really long time now; my previous pair was also from Specsavers, and they lasted me nearly 4 years of everyday wear! What do you think of my new glasses? Do you like them? What kind of glasses do you wear?

The LAKEISHA glasses cost £85 and the TAMARA glasses cost £99, both available from Specsavers.

*Bought partially with gift vouchers and partially with my own money.
This is not a sponsored post.


  • Cornelia Kennedy

    I have a small face also, and most glasses are easily half an inch out from my face either side, I normally go for Chanel glasses as they tend to be slimmer, or actually larger Children glasses, which use to bother me, but I am having to do it more and more.

    Ineffable Beauty

  • Millicent

    Glasses look great! I think I prefer the full frame ones, but both look lovely. I’ve got a small face too, and have just got some glasses from Specsavers too – only I could only find one frame I liked so couldn’t benefit from their special offers for two! The frames I chose are both cool as they’re Red or Dead brand and then uncool as they’re a frame for teens! I don’t understand why us petite women aren’t better catered for…definitely a gap in the market!

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