My Summer Saviours

This week is meant to be glorious here in the UK with temperatures of more than 20 degrees for the whole week! For some, this may seem like Winter (I’m talking to you, my fellow Brazilians!), but for us here, this is the closest we’ve been to Summer this year. So dig out the lawnmower and loungers and make the most of these hot summer days with a good book and a glass of Pimm’s, if you can. I’ve selected a few things that I will be constantly reaching for this Summer, including something very special, related to my Summer Wedding, which is now only 7 weeks away!

My Summer Saviours

Rimmel Automatic Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer (HERE) – I’ve been consistently using this eyeliner for over 2 years now. It’s waterproof, so perfect for Summer, and it’s automatic so you don’t need to sharpen it. It comes with a little smudger, which is quite handy and I tend to use it a lot on my lower lash line to make my eyeliner look softer on that area. I went swimming whilst wearing this eyeliner and it didn’t smudge at all, so it gets a big ‘Summer Saviour’ badge from me!

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara (HERE) – Notice the waterproof trend here? Again, I’ve raved about this mascara for years and I can’t recommend it enough for Summer. It adds length, volume and curl, it’s very affordable, and even though it doesn’t smudge, it’s not hard to remove either. I’ve also tried this mascara under wet conditions and it has never disappointed me.

My Summer Saviours

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Skin Illuminator (HERE) – This is the latest addition to my collection; it’s a liquid highlighter that leaves a beautiful summer glow on the skin. The shade range is super versatile, with colours that can be used as a base and as blush. The shade I have is number 6, which is a corally pink shade with shimmer, and I use it as blush and highlighter. It’s perfect for Summer because the liquid texture leaves a natural, non-sticky and non-powdery finish on the skin, whilst still having that beautiful illuminating glow.

Maybelline 24h Color Tattoo Gel Cream Eyeshadow (HERE)- Another old Summer favourite; this cream eyeshadow stays on through rain and storm, and it lasts all day! My favourite everyday shade is Eternal Gold, which is a champagne-y gold shade. You can also dab some of it on the lips to highlight certain areas and make your lips look fuller.

My Summer Saviours

Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream* (HERE) – I cannot leave the house without applying this cream to my face; it contains SPF 30 to protect my skin from sun damage, the thick creamy texture suits my dry skin really well, but it doesn’t make it feel sticky or greasy. I use this on its own and as an everyday makeup base. I’ve done a video talking about my Updated Skincare Routine, so if you want more details on this cream, click HERE to watch that video.

Kiehls Lip Balm SPF 15* (HERE) – The skin on your lips is even more delicate than the skin on your face, so don’t forget to protect them from sun damage with SPF as well. I love this Kiehls lip balm; it has a lovely melting texture when applied to the lips and it’s not sticky. I usually reapply this throughout the day, especially if I’m sunbathing.

Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm* (HERE) – This is a fairly new addition to my skincare, but thank God I found it! It works similar to the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, but without the unpleasant smell and extremely sticky texture. This skin balm is meant for very dry and cracked skin, and it’s gentle enough to be used on babies. I apply this where I get very dry skin on my face, and after a few hours, the entire area is super smooth and moisturised. This is one of those products that will be useful all year round for people with dry skin.

My Summer Saviours

Flip Flops – Last, but not least, flip-flops! I had these ones custom-made for our wedding guests with our names and wedding date. I know our ladies guests will be glad to have a pair of more comfortable dancing shoes to change into and carry on dancing the night away! They are great as wedding favours for your guests to take home, and I’m sure it will be useful after the wedding as well. My mum had these made in Brazil, but I found this website in the UK that does a similar thing.

What are your Summer Saviours? Is it Summer where you are? Let me know if you’ve tried anything I mentioned, and also if you’ve ever been to a Wedding with flip-flops as favours :)


  • Maria

    Oh, yes, we have been enjoying some hot weather here in Finland for a couple of weeks already, closer to 30 degrees. Even the water in lakes is warmer than usual at this time. I just had to brag… :-P
    My (summer) saviour is of course the mineral foundation, it’is easy, includes SPF and stays on looking natural for the whole day,

      • Maria

        Yep, couldn’t really complain yesterday when I was swimming (water was at 20 degrees) and having a sauna by the lake in the middle of nature but still only 4 km from the center of one of our largest towns… Very relaxing. :-) And of course the fact that it never really gets dark at this time of the year, that still seems to amaze foreigners. So you are very welcome, just don’t come in November, that’s the worst month.

        And actually we don’t have that habit/tradition of party favours (luckily, I might add) but that gift sounds quite nice.

  • blonde ambition <3

    great post – I really must try the Eucerin aquaphor soothing balm as I love the results of 8 hour cream, but like you say, its very greasy!

    I also love the maybelline falsies mascara, its probably one of my favourite mascaras of all time!

    The flip flops for your wedding are great, such an unusual idea + I am sure the ladies will appreciate them!! x

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