My 2012 Beauty Favourites (VIDEO)

Best of 2012: My Beauty Favourites (VIDEO) | Le Beauty Girl

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This is a beast of a video, but I had to include everything that made a lasting impression on me this year. I divided it into categories and I picked one or two (maybe three) products per category. This is a great video to watch if you ever wondered which products I would always repurchase! There’s a long list of all the products below the video if you want to know where to get anything I mentioned.


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You may notice that this video is much brighter than all my previous videos, and that’s because I recently got some fancy studio lighting which I’ve been meaning to buy for ages! It’s also the first time I filmed in my new house, so let me know what you think of this filming setup and the overall quality and lighting of this video :) I’m planing to film a room tour / makeup collection video of my beauty room very soon!

Now I want to know what your 2012 favourites were and if you found anything amazing, please let me know :)

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