A Little Life Update!

Le Beauty Girl (lebeautygirl.com)

Hi guys, I’ve been a really bad blogger lately, but I promise I have a few good reasons :) Some of you may know that I’ve recently moved to a new house, which is beyond exciting but also very time consuming! My fiancé and I are both super happy with our new place and we’ve been dedicating most of our time trying to turn the house into a home!

Le Beauty Girl (lebeautygirl.com)

Since I’m on the fiancé topic, another thing that has been ultra time consuming is wedding planning; oh dear! I didn’t have a clue what to expect, but fortunately it’s all falling into place. We’ve chosen a Summer wedding, so we’re getting married in July 2013 which means we have 7 months to get everything ready for the big day! I’ve chosen my wedding dress, and if you follow me on Instagram (@lebeautygirl) you will have seen a few sneaky peeks; I’m really in love with my dress, it definitely made me feel like a princess. Oh, and it’s true what people say about choosing your wedding dress, you KNOW when you’ve found the one! :)

Le Beauty Girl (lebeautygirl.com)

My mum and brother have come all the way from Brazil to stay with us for a couple of weeks and I’m really loving having them around. We went to Bicester Village in Oxfordshire a few days ago and they loved it there. It was all so Christmassy and pretty, it felt like we were in heaven; especially for shopaholic people like mum and me :)

Le Beauty Girl (lebeautygirl.com)

My 30 Lipsticks in 30 Days Christmas Challenge is still very much happening, but for the whole of last week I only had one lipstick in my handbag; all of my other lipsticks came yesterday along with everything else in a moving van. So I’ll see how this week goes and if I can’t find the time to blog, I’ll continue the challenge for 2 more weeks after Christmas.

Le Beauty Girl (lebeautygirl.com)

So that’s what’s been going on in my life lately. Unfortunately, blogging had to take a back seat until I’m properly settled in my new house. I hope you don’t hate me! I haven’t blogged or uploaded a video in a week but I miss it terribly :( I’m hoping this week will be a bit less chaotic than last week, but my mum and brother are still here and I don’t want them to stay in the house all day whilst I catch up with my blogging duties.

How are you all doing? I’d love to know what’s going on in your lives lately! How’s everyone getting on with their Xmas shopping? Mine is halfway there! :)


  • Leannemariexo

    I’m a July 2013 Bride too! Our date is the 15th! When are you getting married? I found trying to find my dress so stressful and difficult but I finally found the one. I just cant wait for it tp be delivered into store again so I can put it on and feel like a princess! We still have so much to do planning wise! We need to get our invites out! xx

  • Sanela Hukic

    Wow,you look awesome ! I’ve been folowing your blog for a while now,its great.But do you mind making a post on your skin care,how you make it look so healthy, do you use any natural oils, or some not so expensive products ? Thanks

  • Gabriela Soares

    Don’t you worry even a bit Ysis, we miss you but I’m certain everyone understands! I know I sure do, and I am a sucker for weddings so even seeing these sneak peeks make me go “Oooooh” :) I loooove this and you look so beautiful :) Please please give us some juicy details about the wedding, the dress… :P Take care xx Gabby

  • Sandra Rytter Jensen

    I understand why you can’t find time to blog that much. It’s MAJOR and amazing changes you’re going through. Look forward to read your posts later on, but for now take your time and enjoy decorating your home and getting your wedding plans ready! (: <3

  • Thaís Lins Andrade

    Ai, que lindo saber do seu casamento, Ysis. Felicidades sempre!
    Eu ando atribulada com meu curso e o stress tá no nível máximo. Também tenho pouco tempo pro blog o que me deixa triste, pois apesar de não ser uma obrigação, faço da melhor maneira possível e não gosto de postar qualquer coisa.
    Mas enfim é assim mesmo.

    Desculpe a falta de comentários, mas realmente ando sem tempo. Mas vejo o teu blog sempre.
    Beijos, beijos. Feliz Natal e foi um prazer ter “conhecer” esse ano. :)

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