Beauty Tip: Olive Pomace Oil For Hair & Skin

Island Naturals Olive Pomace Oil

Island Naturals Olive Pomace Oil*, £4.95 – Island Naturals website

Every so often  I get asked what products I use to make my hair look so shiny, and that’s a tricky question because I use so many products on my hair. I’ve recently been trying something different, which has made my hair extra shiny, so I thought I’d spill the beans :)

Island Naturals Olive Pomace Oil

It’s the Island Naturals Olive Pomace Oil. The benefits of using Olive Oil on the skin and hair are well known; it helps heal dry skin and it’s also a common ingredient in hair conditioners. The difference between Olive Oil and Olive Pomace Oil is that Olive Oil is the pure extract of the olive, whilst Olive Pomace Oil is the residue paste extracted with the help of solvents, after the olive has been pressed. Because of that, Olive Pomace Oil is considered of an inferior grade for cooking purposes, but it’s sill considered a great ingredient for soap-making, skincare and haircare products. The product can be stored without refrigeration for about a year.

Island Naturals Olive Pomace Oil

I’ve used this on both my skin and hair; as for the skin, I can’t say it made a huge difference, but it certainly helped my skin heal and retain moisture after shaving. On my hair, the oil worked really well! I applied a few drops to my hair before showering, left it for about 10 minutes, and washed my hair fully with shampoo and conditioner. After drying, I noticed my hair felt smoother and looked really shiny; on that day I got so many compliments on my hair, so I made a mental note to write about this product! :)

What a good little bargain! Olive Pomace Oil made my hair look shiny and soft, and it’s dirt cheap. For those of you who are worried about the Olive Oil smell, don’t worry, you won’t be left smelling like you’re about to go in a frying pan; Olive Pomace Oil doesn’t have the strong Olive Oil smell, in fact, I found it hard to detect any smells at all.

Have you tried Olive Pomace Oil on your skin or hair before? Let me know :)

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  • Alexander

    Hi, I was searching for info on olive pommace oil use in cosmetics and came accross this article, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences, usefull info here!

    I have some experience with oils, especially olive oil, in cooking, so I know all about pommace oil. I wanna point out that people who dont know that much about olive oils often make the mistake of talking about pomace oil as if its inferior to extra virgin or regular olive oil. It is not inferior, it is for different purposes. For example, it has a much higher smoke point than other types of olive oils, is much lighter in color, taste and texture, and has a barely noticeable taste. If you want an oil for example to stir fry in, its far ‘superior’ to other types of olive oil. See, you gotta use it for what its for.

    The link posted by the person before me is reffering to:

    1. A person who mistakenly bought olive pomace oil who felt ‘tricked’ into buying cheaper oil thinking it was the more expensive version. If you use it on a Greek salad instead of extra virgin olive oil you will indeed be disapointed. Thats your own fault though. Live and learn.

    2. A batch of adulterated olive pommace oil from Spain. This happens to a lot of products by shifty suppliers, has nothing to do with the qualities of olive pomace oil in of itself but with that particular batch of aduterlated oil.

    Olive pomace oil, called core oil in my language, is pressed from the cores and other plant matter left after the first pressing, also using various solvents etc. If that sounds bad to you, know that the majority of oils are obtained this way, using solvents, (not extra virgin olive oil though, which is cold pressed ). Olive pomace oil does not have all the nutritional and health values of extra virgin when you ingest it, but it has a some of them, and is still much healtheir than most of your other possible oil choices. Use it where its suitable and you will be very happy :-)

    Take care,

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