REVIEW: Soap and Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Quad (with swatches)

Soap & Glory has been in the market for many years now, and some of their products, such as the Righteous Butter, Hand Food and Scrub Your Nose In It, are things I cannot live without. They have recently branched into the Cosmetics world, and I’m about to review my favourite product of the entire collection.

The Looks

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff in ‘What’s Nude’ (£10) – Boots

This is the Soap & Glory Lid Stuff in ‘What’s Nude’, an eyeshadow quad that retails for £10. Now, if you’re like me, you’re thinking, ‘What? £10 for drugstore a eyeshadow quad? No way!’. But I’m about to tell why I think this quad is worth every penny.

First of all, the packaging follows the traditional Soap & Glory style with the 1950s look and the clever names, which I really like. However, I don’t really like the clear plastic case the quad comes in; I think it looks cheap, and it feels as if it’s going to break easily.

The Contents

The pigmentation is surreal! I’d definitely compare it to something like MAC eyeshadows (pigmentation-wise), which you pay £11.50 for each shadow, so you’re definitely getting a good bargain paying £10 for this quad! The one thing I don’t like is that some of the eyeshadows can be a bit chalky, especially the two lighter ones.

The Photos

Without flash

With flash

My favourite shadow is the brown metallic one. It looks gorgeous on its own, and even better with the dark brown matte one on the crease. I’ve put a photo of me wearing all these eyeshadows so you can have an idea of what it looks like on the eyes; sorry I didn’t have a photo with my eyes closed! :(

Overall, I’d recommend buying this is you want a cheap alternative to MAC eyeshadows, or just a simple neutral palette to carry around in your handbag.

The Verdict

I give this an 8/10. It’s a affordable, good quality and practical. The packaging could have been a bit more expensive looking and some eyeshadows could do with being less chalky, but it’s perfect for everyday use and I would definitely repurchase it!

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff in ‘What’s Nude’ is available now from Boots for £10. You can also get the quad in the colours ‘Smokey Dokey’ or ‘Off the Wallflowers’. (link here)


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