The Perfect Pink: MAC Lipstick in Plink! vs. ELF Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink

Hello ladies!

Don’t you just love it when you find a good duplicate for an expensive product you own? Well, this happened to me recently, and that’s what inspired me to write this review. I will talk about MAC’s Lipstick in Plink! and ELF’s Conditioning Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink, which are both light pink and amazing!

Just as a little background information, for lips I prefer lighter tones because I think it brightens up my face and it goes well with my olive skin. So almost every lip product I own is either light pink or nude (boring, I know, but I can’t resist a pretty pink!), therefore, I have tried quite a lot of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, etc, to find my Perfect Pink (PP).

The PP needs to have a balance of price, quality and pigmentation. Two months ago I thought I had found the PP and was over the moon with joy when I bought a MAC Lipstick in Plink!.

It was of great quality, not too drying on my lips and the pigmentation was spot on; however, I still wasn’t convinced that I had to fork out £13.50 every time I wanted to repurchase my PP, and the search for my PP continued.

Fast forward to yesterday when I got a package through the post with all the products I ordered from the ELF (haul post coming up soon!), and the first one I opened was the Conditioning Lip Balm in Peaceful Pink with SPF 15, which costs £3.50.

The first thing I noticed was the lovely square shaped acrylic jar with a black lid, which looks very expensive, but it is slightly misleading because when you open it, you see that you don’t get as much product as you thought you would.

But the clearest sign that I had found a serious contender for my MAC lipstick was when I applied the ELF lip balm on my lips. It’s a rich light pink colour, incredibly moisturising and it even feels as though your lips are slightly numb; I’m guessing it’s because of its relieving and soothing properties for dry, chapped and cracked lips. It also has SPF 15 in it which will protect your lips against sunburn.

How similar in colour are they?! Because the ELF product is a lip balm it is a lot more moisturising than MAC’s lipstick, and it fills in all the lines on my lips, which I thought was amazing!

This ELF lip balm ticks all the boxes, especially considering it only costs £3.50, so this is now my new PP. I’m sure I’ll find lots and lots of pink lip products as time goes by, so we shall see who can beat ELF’s Conditioning Lip Balm!

Which one would you buy, girls? Let me know on a comment below!


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