Outfit Of The Day (OOTD): Romantic Casual

Bonjour, people!

This OOTD is a classy romantic casual look, and it was a bargain!!

Sorry about the slightly awkward smile. I don’t know why I did that!

I wore this to go wandering about town and doing some window shopping, and later that evening I went to the cinema to see Harry Potter 7 part two, which was absolutely amazing and I’m so sad it’s over forever! :(

As I was getting ready, it was quite dark and grey, but as soon as I got to the car, the sun was boiling hot outside, so I was glad I chose light pieces of clothing to go walking about on a hot sunny day!

Sunglasses: Persol

Cardigan: Primark

Vest: Jane Norman

Skinny Jeans: Primark

Shoes: Arezzo

Bag: some shop in Brazil

Nails: Glo Baby Glo! in Bright Pink

I quite liked this outfit, actually. The vest and the skinny jeans gave me shape around my waist and the loose cardigan made sure I didn’t feel too exposed! My hair was half up and half down, which is very sunny weather appropriate and my platform shoes were extremely comfy on the long walks around shops, whilst still giving me a few precious extra inches. :)

What do you think of my romantic-ish OOTD? Let me know on a comment below :)


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