Summer Hair Tutorial: Easy Fishtail Plait / Braid

Hey girls!

Are you loving the summer breeze? Today I’m bringing to you a hair tutorial inspired by the heat wave that suddenly took over the UK, making me feel all summery and excited to enjoy the hot weather.

One of the downsides of summer is that our hair can get a bit out of control because the air is too humid and if you have long hair like me, when it’s hot it’s almost impossible to keep it down and styled for too long.

I normally do this plait to keep my hair out of my face and to feel nice and fresh. It is super easy and tre chic for hot summer days! I’ll take you through the steps to give you a general idea of how to do a fishtail plait.

First, you will need to secure your hair in a loose ponytail and separate two equal sections of hair.

I personally prefer to tie it at the side because I can use my hair as an accessory to ornament my shoulder, but you can tie it at the back as well. I chose to put my hair in a low ponytail because it’s a lot easier to keep everything from moving out of place, especially if you have layers, but if you’re already very skilled in the art of braiding your hair, you won’t need it. I also used a hair band to keep my hair out of my face and to pop a little bit of colour into the look.

Next, select a small piece of hair from the outer corner of the first section and cross it over to the other side.

Make sure you keep a tight grip or the piece you just crossed over will go back to its original side.

Now select another small piece of hair from the outer corner of the second section and cross it over to the opposite side.

As you can see, this will create the illusion of a small cross between the two bits of hair that were moved.

Keep doing the same thing, taking one piece of hair from one side and crossing it to the other side. This is what it should look like when you’ve done it a few times.

Almost halfway through you want to check to see if there are any loose pieces of hair or if you need to redo any bits that you missed. Try to keep the pieces of hair as small as possible for a more defined plait.

When you get to the bottom, the plait should look very tight. Tie your hair at the very bottom with a little hair tie to secure everything in place.

To finish off, what I like to do is slightly loosen the outer edges of the plait to make it look relaxed, uniform and fun!

And you’re done! Spray some hairspray if you have very fine hair to keep everything neat. Don’t worry if you find it a bit tricky at first, I guarantee you will get the hang of it very quickly.

Did you girls like it? Leave me a little comment below with your thoughts on this look and any ideas to make my plait look even better!


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